My Private Lesson: How to submit a Private Lesson on the website


Tap into the expertise of one or more TrueFire educators anytime! Take advantage of individual lessons to ask questions about an educator's course, focus on a specific topic or technique. You can also have an educator assess your playing, give you feedback, and provide material to work with on your own.

Once you've purchased an individual Private Lesson go to Dashboard > My Private Lesson. Alternatively, you can use our new iOS Private Lesson app (currently for individual private lessons only)

My Private Lessons



Available Private Lessons are ones not yet started. You can click Start Now to begin at any time.

  1. Review, Edit or Complete My Musician Profile
    NOTE! Be sure to click "Save changes" if you make any edits to your Musician Profile prior to sending the lesson
  2. What would you like to get out of this lesson?

  3. Upload Your Video and/or Files
    You can attach a document, record with web cam or upload a pre-recorded video



In Progress

Once you have started your individual Private Lesson it will move to In Progress. You will be notified via email once your instructor replies.

Reply back and forth with your instructor until they have deemed the Lesson "Complete"



Once your instructor has marked the lesson as completed it will be archived under the Completed tab. You can review at any time.

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