What do the Learning Path Level's mean?


One of the most important aspects of learning how to play guitar is making sure that you’re working on lessons that are suitable for your current level of play. Shoot too low and you’re not pushing yourself to learn something new. Shoot too high and you won’t be able to digest the material.

TrueFire’s Learning Paths are progressive; starting at absolute beginner and ending at what we consider to be an advanced level of play. We classify all of our Learning Path Core Courses by levels using the following guidelines:

BEGINNER - You're new to the guitar

You know nothing at all or just a couple of chords and strums. You want to learn more chords, more strumming patterns, and be able to play a few licks and some of your favorite songs.

LATE BEGINNER - You can play guitar a little bit

You know a few chords, strums, simple songs, and maybe a couple of scales or licks. You want to learn barre chords, more songs, and more scales and licks so that you can start soloing.

INTERMEDIATE - You consider yourself a solid guitar player

You know many chords, progressions and songs. You are building a vocabulary of licks, can solo and jam with other players. You want to advance your technique and learn how to solo over anything.

LATE INTERMEDIATE - Your friends call you a great guitar player

You have a very broad vocabulary of chords, scales, arpeggios, and licks. You can solo or comp over any progression. You want to take your technique, rhythm playing and soloing to a professional level.

ADVANCED - You really are a great guitar player!

You have impeccable technique, can comp or solo in any style, and possess a broad harmonic knowledge base. You want to hone your technique, master your creative improvisational skills, and expand your repertoire.


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