How To Personalize Your Learning Path


If you’re an absolute beginner you’ll start at the very beginning, otherwise, to determine your ideal starting point, and personalize your Learning Path, follow these steps:

  • Identify All of the Core Courses
    On your Learning Path page, you’ll note that you have the entire curriculum laid out for you, from Beginner to Advanced. You’ll also note the difference between Core courses (consider these your essential lessons) and Supplementary courses (if you want to dig deeper or wider into a topic covered in the core course).
  • Identify Lessons You Already Know
    Start at the very beginning of your Learning Path and use the Progress Tracking Tool to classify individual lessons from the Core courses only. Classify them as COMPLETED, IN PROGRESS, or INCOMPLETE. For example, if you’ve been playing for a while then you will likely be able to classify the beginner courses as COMPLETED.

  • Identify Lessons You Are Working On
    As you work your way forward from the Beginner courses, you’ll eventually find lesson material that you are either still working on, or don’t know yet. Classify the lessons that you’re working on as IN PROGRESS and leave the other lessons in their default state of INCOMPLETE.
  • Identify Lessons You Need to Work On
    Ultimately, you’ll find a point where all of the lessons are beyond your current knowledge base or skill level -- that’s what you’re working towards! Leave those lessons classified as INCOMPLETE. By the way, unless you are an absolute beginner, your skills probably fall across a range of levels. For example, you may have advanced soloing skills, but only intermediate rhythm chops.
  • Review Your Overall Progress
    When you’ve finished this process, the progress bars on your Learning Path page will give you a very accurate indication for where you’re at presently, where you need to fill in the gaps, and what lessons you need to be working on to advance to the next level.


Note! Use the collapse/expand button on any of the sections in your Learning Path to design your ideal uncluttered view. Ready to get started? Dig in!


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