TrueFire 3 Error: {"error":{"code":999,"...


If you receiving the following error when installing the TrueFire 3 desktop app:

{"error":{"code":999,"message":"not found","description":"the requested resource could not be found at this uri"}}


Basically there is another program on your computer which is using the same port this player is trying to connect through. Changing to a new port should establish a new connection and allow the program to run.

There are is a file in the backend of the program files which may need to be tweaked in order to get this program to open. If you feel comfortable, you can navigate to:

MAC: USERNAME\Library\Application Support\TrueFire 3
(command + shift + . "dot" to show hidden files)

WINDOWS: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\TrueFire 3

Locate and open the "port.ini" file and change the number to 8200 or 8100 to try to connect via a different port. 

Then you can reopen the player and it should load properly.

You can always give us a call and we can remotely login to your machine to help troubleshoot. Phone support is open M-Th from 9-6pm EST at 800-222-3366.



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